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   Steuben County, New York
Hornby Historian Susan Moore scanned and organized these photos from two albums belonging to Ruth Haradon.

Photo from the collection of Ruth Haradon

Henry W. Bixby 1821- 1895
Sarah Catherine Brazee Bixby 1823-1908

Henry W. Bixby born 8 April 1821 in Hornby was the son of John Bixby and Rebecca Raymond Wellman who settled in Hornby in 1819.  In 1844 he married Sarah Catherine Brazee born 25 March 1823 in Delaware County, NY.  She was the daughter of Abraham Brazee and Nellie Wilson, born in France.  Henry, originally a carpenter, was ordained in and for many years the pastor of Shady Grove Wesleyan Methodist Church. Their only child Amelia Rebecca Bixby married her cousin Jesse Dyke Bixby, son of Daniel and Lydia Clark Bixby (see below).

Photo from the collection of Ruth Haradon

Lydia Clark Bixby 1812-1893

Lydia Clark Bixby born 1812 was the daughter of Jesse Clark and Delana Snow.  In 1833 she married Daniel Bixby, brother of Henry Bixby above. Their son Jesse Dyke Bixby married Amelia Rebecca Bixby.

Photo from the collection of Ruth Haradon

Jesse Dyke Bixby 1839-1916

Civil War veteran Jesse Dyke Bixby was born 1 July 1839 in Hornby and married 31 December 1865 his cousin Amelia Rebecca Bixby born 12 May 1849. The Hornby hamlet of Dyke was named after him.


Photo from the collection of Ruth Haradon

Tracy Burnap

Tracy Burnap born 1824 was the son of Seneca Burnap and Sarah Rhoda. Seneca and Sarah's father Wandall Rhoda were two of the original settlers of Hornby. Tracy married Rebecca Matilda Bixby, sister of Henry above.

Photo from the collection of Ruth Haradon

George Calkins

George Calkins born 1847, son out Alexander Calkins and Polly Ann Davis, was raised by Henry Bixby after Alexander drowned about 1853.


Photo from the collection of Ruth Haradon

Delana Clark Haradon 1800-1872

Delana Clark born 1800 was very possibly a sister of Lydia above and another daughter of Jesse and Delana Clark.  About 1820 she married Parnach Haradon who had settled in Hornby in 1818.

Other Bixby and Haradon Photos
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