The Coye Family

Parley Coye was an early settler of Hornby who first appeared there in the 1825 census. I believe he was the Parley Coye in the 1820 Truxton, Cortland County census and the son of Levi and Hannah Lilly of Union, CT. The sexes and ages of family members in the censuses and onomastically, the use of the given names in the families listed in The History of Union, Conn. compiled by Rev. Harvey M. Lawson, 1893, support this theory. The obituaries of Alva, Parley's son, and Sarah, his daughter, list their birthplace in 1815 and 1817 as Georgetown which is in Cortland County and Alva's further states he moved to Hornby about 1824. It should also be noted that according to the 1850 census Mortality Schedule, widow Olive Coye age 65, born Connecticut, died of cholera December 1849 in Hornby. She was probably the Olive Underwood in Rev. Lawson's book listed as the wife of Parley Coye. Olive's brother Jesse was also an early settler of Hornby.

Parley and Olive had at least six children, all of whom have been identified by the research of direct descendant Tom Euchner. Levi married Hannah Goodsell and remained in Hornby. Polly married John Hilton and Caroline married Morris Randall. Both couples lived in Chemung County. Alva, married Fanny (whose maiden name remains unknown) and moved to Amboy, Lee County, Illinois. Louisa married George Jacob Murphy and they followed Alva to Amboy. Records from there spelled the name Coy. Sarah was the sixth, although she was identified as a McCoy in A Record, Genealogical, Biographical, Statistical, of Thomas Stanton, of Connecticut, and His Descendants. 1635-1891 compiled by William Stanton, 1891. She married first Elijah Hill and moved to Amboy. After his death she married the widowed Samuel Bixby who had also moved from Hornby to Amboy.

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