The Headley Family

Blacksmith and farmer Chalion Headley and his wife Mary Davenport, both born 1799, came in the late 1820s from New Jersey to first Milo, Yates County and then before 1830 to Hornby. They had nine children and lived in northeast Hornby more than thirty years until 1861 when they returned to Yates County where he died in 1874, Mary in 1892.
A book by Rev. Abraham James Fretz published in 1905, "A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Leonard Headley of Elizabethtown, N. J." and census data provided most of the information I have about this family. Chalion’s ancestor Leonard Headley was an English immigrant first appearing in America in 1664.
Chalion’s children did not intermarry with other Hornby residents as those of other Hornby families tended to do. And there is no cemetery record of a Headley being buried in Hornby although three of his children died there. Son Samuel, born in Hornby in 1832, was a Civil War casualty, having died of disease in Portsmouth, VA 1863, but he is not included in the Hornby Civil War Memorial.
Only two of his children married while he still lived in Hornby. The oldest son John married a Jane Hull from Pennsylvania and daughter Electa married a canal boat builder from Dix, Schuyler County. John and his brother Albert moved to Kent County, Michigan in the early 1860s where Albert married. The two youngest children married in Yates County after Chalion returned there.

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The Hazen Family

The John Judd Hazen family appeared in Hornby only in the 1860 census, but thanks to The Hazen Family in America, compiled by Tracy Elliot Hazen and published in 1947, we know a great deal about where they came from and what happened to them. John, the son of Anson and Hannah (Townsend) Hazen, was the descendant of immigrant ancestor Edward Hazen born 1614 England.  He was a lumber dealer in 1860, living in Hornby Forks with his wife Esther Jane Hale of Williamsport, PA and four year old son William Hale Hazen who was born in Hornby 3 October 1856.
The family returned to Williamsport. There was a stillborn daughter born March 1862 and Esther died in November at the age of twenty five. John returned to his birthplace of Carmel, NY where he died in 1864 age thirty five.

Their son William lived in Williamsport with his maternal grandparents William H. and Eliza (Bradley) Hale into the 1870s. In June 1880 he was in Carmel, a locomotive engineer boarding in the household of butcher Charles Brewster and wife Mary Tandy. He married their daughter Nellie in July and they had four children before divorcing in 1895. That same year he married Gertrude Wheeler with whom he had three more children. They lived in Brooklyn where in 1900 he was a saloon keeper and in 1910 a chauffer. Gertrude reportedly died about 1914. I have yet to discover what happened to William.

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