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Armstrong, James E., the present highway commissioner, was born in Schuyler
county in 1839, son of Benoni and Hannah Armstrong, who came to Steuben county
in 1844 locating where Mr. Armstrong has since lived. The father was a lumberman
and died in 1886, aged eighty-five years. Mr. Armstrong is the youngest of a family
of five children. In 1867 he married Emma Hendryx of Potter county, Pa., who
died in 1884. In 1893 he was elected to his present office for one year, and re-elected
in 1894 for two years. He had previously served three years. The old saw mill
on his place which is still in operation was built by his father in 1846.

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Ferenbaugh, John H., was born in 1831 on the home place in Hornby where his
father located about 1829. In 1858 he married Juliet W. Lewis, a native of Ontario
county, and their children are as follows: Anna L., wife of George Sly, Augusta P.,
wife of David Rogers, Clarence H., and James L., who died in 1895, aged twenty-
one years. Mr Ferenbaugh has filled the office of justice of the peace sixteen succes-
sive years, assessor three years, and supervisor for seven different years, and for
eighteen years has been postmaster of Ferenbaugh.

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Jimmerson, Hibbert T., is a native of Orange, Schuyler county, formerly Bradford,
Steuben county, born in 1847, son of Abram and Sally Ann Rolfe Jimerson. The
parents lived and died in Schuyler county, and Mr. Jimmerson was raised on a farm,
and in 1871 married Bertha Hendrick and located on his present farm of one hundred
and eighty acres. He follows general farming, dairying, and sheep husbandry. He
was highway commissioner in 1889.

Jewett, Amos, was born where he resides in Hornby, in 1833, son of Thomas and
Sylvia Haradon Jewett, natives of Vermont and Massachusetts. The father came
to Steuben county in 1818 locating first within the present limits of the town of
Campbell, moving two years later to Hornby and on Mr. Jewett’s farm about 1820.
The mother came with her parents about 1822; they died in 1873 and 1877 aged
seventy-nine and seventy-seven, respectively. Mr. Jewett is one of a family of
seven children, six of whom were raised to maturity. In 1863 he went to the Pacific
coast, prospecting and mining there till 1867, when he returned home and spent
about four years here. He then spent a couple of years traveling through the South
and then located permanently. In 1868 he married Sarah L., daughter of Rufus
Platt, a native of the town of Campbell. They have three children: Lizzie, Laura
L., and Thomas P. He has one hundred and fifty acres of land, it being a part of
The old homestead. He was the candidate of his party for the State Legislature in
1890; was president of the Steuben County Agricultural Society in 1890 and 1891;
has represented his county in some half dozen political and agricultural State Con-
ventions, and has held various other positions of honor and trust.

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Lane, Dr. George W., was born in Schuyler county, in 1858, and graduated from
Buffalo University in 1886, and since1888 has practiced medicine at Corning. When
locating here he also established himself in the drug trade, but sold this interest in
1895. He is a member of the Steuben county Medical Society and Corning Academy
of Medicine. He has several times been on the Board of Education, and was elected
Alderman in 1894.

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Covenhoven, Daniel R., son of Peter Covenhoven, was born in Hornby, Steuben
county, N.Y., March 28, 1830. His father was born in Root, Montgomery county
N.Y., April 22, 1803; in October, 1823, he settled in Hornby; he married Sarah M.
Rooks March 28, 1828; she was born at Northumberland, Saratoga county, N.Y. in
1800. Of this union six children were born, two of whom are now living: Thomas
N., and Daniel R., who are farmers in Hornby. Daniel R. Covenhoven married
Nancy M. Shults, March 30, 1859; she was born at Palatine, Montgomery county
January 1, 1847. Of this union four children were born, two of whom are now living,
Grace and Genoa. In 1884 Daniel R. Covenhoven located on one of his farms, joining
the city of Corning on the north. His mother, Sarah M., died May 19 1863 aged
sixty-three; his father, Peter died February 12, 1895, aged ninety one; his wife
Nancy, died September 16, 1893, aged fifty-two years.

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Lane, A. Eugene, was born in Hornby in 1856, and is the son of David H. and
Mianda C. Weed Lane, who came from Erie county, Pa., about 1860. The father
died in 1857, age forty, the mother resides with A. Eugene. In 1880 he married
Lottie Thomas of Schuyler county, and in 1883 located where he now lives on the
farm of 130 acres. In connection with farming he follows bridge building for the
Vulcan Road Works. His children are: Norma S., Ray T., and Ralph D.

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Ferenbaugh, Willis S., was born in Hornby in 1849, son of Benedict and Eliza
Ferenbaugh. The father was a native of Germany, and located in Corning with his
parents about 1827, and came to Mr. Ferenbaugh's present place. The father died
in 1892, aged eighty-five. Mr. Ferenbaugh has two sisters who reside with him on
the home place, their names being Sarah A. and Delle They have 205 acres
including the old homestead. Mr. Ferenbaugh follows general farming, stock raising
and bee-keeping.

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Lilly, Willis S., was horn in Hornby, where he now resides, in 1843, son of Samuel
and Elizabeth Wolever Lilly, natives of Pennsylvania. They located on Mr. Lilly's
present farm in 1820. The parents died in 1882 and 1865 aged eighty?nine and
sixty?five. In September, 1864, he enlisted in Co. F, 188th N.Y.Vols., serving till the
close of the war. In 1866 he married Cynthia Buck, a native of Schuyler county,
and they have two children: Cassin G., and Roy O. He is serving a second term as
justice of the peace, and has also filled the office of assessor.

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Easterbrooks, Samuel of Painted Post, was born in Otsego county in 1816, and
came to his present farm in 1821 with his parents, William and Mary Amy Easter-
brooks, natives of Rhode Island and New York. The parents died here in 1854.
Easterbrooks has always resided here since 1821. In 1842 he married Catherine
Stanton who died the same year. In 1844 he married Polly Underwood, his present
wife. They have two children: Edwin J., and Samuel M. Mr. Easterbrooks has
filled the offices of assessor and supervisor, the former office six years, the latter four
years. He has the original home place of forty-nine acres, to which he has added
eighty-nine acres.

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Oldfield, Thomas, was born in Hornby in 1831, son of Samuel and Harriet Hurd
Oldfield, natives of new Jersey and Connecticutt. The father came to Hornby about
1820 and married here. The parents died in 1867 and 1839, aged sixty-eight and
thirty-eight, father and mother, respectively. When Mr. Oldfield was seven years
old he came with his parents to his present farm, where he has since resided. At the
age of twenty-one he purchased the place, consisting of 169 acres. In 1853 he mar-
ried Phoebe M. Gould, a native of New Jersey. They have five children: Gideon
G., Samuel, Hattie, Ann May, and Sarah G. Hattie is the wife of J. W. Bucher;
Ann May is the wife of H. L. Townley; Sarah G. is the wife of L. H. Ferenbaugh.
Five children are deceased, all under the age of ten years. Mr. Oldfield has filled
the offices of assessor, justice of the peace, and supervisor.

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Roloson, Alfred, was born in Tompkins county, N. Y., March 12, 1830. He was
the son of  Peter and Judith Kirby Roloson, the father, being a native of  New
Jersey, and the mother of Massachusetts. They came to Hornby, Steuben county,
in the spring of 1832 and were among the pioneer settlers of the town. The father
was a prosperous farmer, living upon the same farm until his death, which occurred
February 9, 1888, aged eighty-three years. Alfred Roloson was the fourth child of
a family of fifteen children, there being eight sons and seven daughters, all of whom
lived to manhood and womanhood and were all married. The mother, aged eighty-
seven years and all of the children except two are living at the time of this writing.
Mr. Roloson was married September 20, 1855 to Mary R. Knowlton, who died
August 20, 1888,  leaving three sons: Melvin P., Clayton C. and  Lyman K . He
afterwards married Mrs. Melissa Roloson nee Hays. Since 1856 he has resided on
his present farm of sixty-three acres and has also an adjoining farm of sixty acres.
He has been highway commissioner two terms and supervisor four terms.

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Wheaton, J. Henry, was born in Hornby in 1867, son of Samuel A. and Eleanor J.
Covenhoven Wheaton; the mother is a daughter of Henry Covenhoven, and the
father a son of Peter S. Wheaton, representatives of the oldest families in the
county. The mother resides in Hornby with her son; the father died in 1875; he
twice enlisted in the war of the Rebellion and was twice honorably discharged. Mr.
Wheaton has one brother, Grant Wheaton, younger than himself, who resides at
Painted Post; he owns the leading meat market of the place and 103 acres of land in
Hornby. Mr. Wheaton has 150 acres of land in Hornby and follows general farming,
lumbering and sheep husbandry.

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Adams, H. De Loss, son of George and Betsy Underwood Adams, was born in 1855
in Hornby. The father was a native of Montgomery county and came to Hornby
when five years old with his father, Isaac. The mother was a daughter of Jesse Un-
derwood and a native of Hornby. The parents died in 1893 and 1873, aged seventy-
five and fifty-one. H. De Loss and his older brother Charles R., comprise the
family. In 1878, Mr. Adams married Cora Dickinson, a native of the town of
Hornby. They have since resided on his present place known as the Daniel Good-
sell farm consisting of one hundred and fifty acres.

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Ferenbaugh, Lyman G., was born in Hornby in 1837, son of Joseph and Anna
Sweet Ferenbaugh, natives of Germany and Vermont. The father and five brothers
came from Germany with their father, locating at first in Pennsylvania, coming
afterwards to Steuben county. The parents when married came to Hornby, locating
in the wilderness. They afterwards moved to Corning and died in 1868. Mr. Feren-
baugh  married Cynthia, daughter of George Sly, and they have one child, Ada, now
the wife of Clifford O’Brien. Mr. Ferenbaugh and his brother, John H., have kept
up the old saw mill built by their father. They also own a farm of 500 acres and a
grocery store.

Fero, Albert, was born in 1830, son of Abram and Catherine Fero, natives of
Montgomery county and Pennsylvania, and came to Hornby at an early day, and
raised a family of six children. The parents died in 1887 and 1885, aged eighty-six
and seventy-nine, father and mother, respectively. Mr. Fero, who is the old-
est of the family, married Caroline L. Easling in 1855 and located on his present
place of ninety-six acres adjoining the old homestead. They have four children:
Lucy, George Frank, Harriet Belle, and Arthur.

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Van Alstine, George W., was born in Schoharie county in 1847, and came to Horn-
by by the following year with his parents, James and Mary Ann, who resided here till
their death in 1892 and 1874, aged seventy-six and fifty-four, father and mother, re-
spectively. He is the youngest of three children, the others being Martin H., and
James W. He resided at home till 1875 when he married Ella O. Roloson, daughter
of  Peter Roloson, a native of Hornby, and then moved to his present farm of seventy-
three acres.

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Wolever, Daniel, was born in Hornby in 1837, son of Andrew and Eliza Grover
Wolever, who were married in Columbia county, Pa., and came to Hornby in 1836.
Both parents died here and are buried in the Oldfield burying ground. At the age
twenty Mr. Wolover spent one year in Michigan and Illinois. In 1860 he purchased
his present farm adjoining the old homestead. He has 165 acres, and follows gen-
eral farming and stock raising. In 1862 he married Fanny Hendrick, who died in
1864, and he afterward married Augusta Hendrick, his present wife.

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