Town of
   Steuben County, New York
Lillian Adams'

The following is a portion of a letter from Lillian's cousin Glenn Rhodes:

...Almost every summer my parents Bert and Marge Rhodes would take me to visit Lillian and for a week or more we participated in the family get togethers and enjoyed staying in the house that my dad and so many other people have such fond memories of.

The following is probably the only example of recordings of a functioning Edison cylinder record player (Lillian's). It was in her parlor room and I enjoyed listening to it every year when I was there. There are a few non-functioning examples of these early Edisons at the museum. Although Lillian's machine and records were sold with her estate, I was excited to find this tape recording of four cylinders I made so many years ago and with today's mp3 technology, I am glad to be able to share them with you. Although this is technically not a piece of Hornby history, it was recorded in Lillian's house and  perhaps you too would enjoy listening to a small piece of history...

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Salvation Army
March Medley

Photos from the collection of Glenn Rhodes



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