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George and My

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George and My
George: born 1944 in Corning, NY, moved to Kentucky at the 
age of eight. He received a degree in electrical engineering from
the University of Louisville and spent the next 20 years as a
Naval Officer. Upon retirement from the Navy in 1987 he returned
to Kentucky, built a workshop near Harrodsburg and started a
woodworking business; one of a fortunate few who have been
able to turn a lifelong hobby into a second career.

George is an avid genealogist. He had a site at Rootsweb. Since it
went belly up he moved it to this site
My: born 1943 in Vietnam, naturalized American citizen 1976.
With George above has one daughter, 3 grandchildren, 7 great
grandchildren (8th on the way) and has lived in San Diego and
Virginia Beach, as well as Hawaii and Italy.

            States we've slept in (in this rv)

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