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Winter 2014-2015
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Tuesday, 30 September - Final preparations underway for our departure Tuesday, 7 October. First stop will be two weeks at Axtel.

Friday, 10 October - Well, we got underway on Tuesday but things have not gone smoothly at all. No problems getting to Axtel and the weather has been gorgeous except for the rain that just started and is expected to persist for a week. The fish aren't biting and we've had electrical system problems that are costing big bucks to correct. There are two dozen night crawlers in the refrigerator that the minnows won't even chew off the hook. I did catch two turtles or one turtle twice. His selfie below:


The converter failed and the house batteries were so old they wouldn't hold a charge. There is a golf cart store (Tucker Golf Cars) about five miles away owned by a very nice Mr. Tucker and he had two replacement Trojan 105s for $125 apiece. He couldn't believe my old ones lasted ten years. Amazon had a converter at $187, half the price of the same unit at Camping World in Bowling Green seventy miles away. It should be here by noon today. Our site:

Site 35


The evil converter. Update: The new one arrived, was installed, and works great.




The dryer works great!

Wednesday 15 October: Rained all day. Walked anyway. Note our camper over her right shoulder.
Rain Walk

Friday 24 October: Campsites to the south are few and far between so we stayed at Axtel three extra days and will go home today for a week before heading out again. Below are more fish I caught and a pretty sunrise.

Fish         Fish


Wednesday 3 December: Haven't posted because nobody visits the site anyway. After leaving home again we spent two weeks at McKinney, two weeks at R. Schaefer Heard and are currently at White Oak Creek. It was a sunny 78 degrees yesterday will more weather like it predicted today. This is out the window this morning.

White Oak Creek

Monday 15 December: We have been at White Oak Creek COE campground for over three weeks now. We were in Site #2 for the first two weeks (maximun normally allowed) then moved to Site #21 after asking for an extension to our stay because of a medical emergency. My burst an eardrum as a result of a bad cold and we made two trips to the emergency room in Eufaula and then to an ENT specialist afilliated with the hospital. He declared that there was nothing wrong with her outer ear but there was a growth in her inner ear (and because we had such good insurance) he wanted to do a CT Scan and a biopsy. The CT Scan was done although the nurses could neither draw blood nor start an IV without making her arm hurt worse than her ear. Losing faith we were ready to abandon our trip and head home when another nurse at the hospital whispered to us to try ENTCare in Dothan. I called but figured it would take weeks if not months to get an appointment. “Can you come tomorrow morning at 10 am?” they asked. We went and the new doctor declared that there was nothing wrong with her inner ear but that the problem was in her outer ear. He flushed and vacuumed it and now she is fine. 

Sunday we are off to Eastbank for Christmas and New Years then ten days at Saint Andrews State Park in Panama City.

Although she has never been interested in campfires, My wanted one so she could take a picture to show grandson Landon. Now she loves them and I have been hauling downed branches back to the campsite and sawing them up with a handsaw. My Christmas present this year is an electric chainsaw.

Site 21 


Sunday, 4 January: St. Andrews State Park in Panama City for ten days. Nice sitting out last night but raining today.

St Andrew


Map of our stops:
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