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Winter 2012-2013
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8-27 October - Two weeks at Axtel Campground Site 35. The fish weren't biting.

Axtel Oct '12 

Wednesday, 9 January - Over night at a WalMart in Lenoir City, TN. 
WiFi from Home Depot.

10-23 January - Two weeks at McKinney Campground Site 58.
Before entering the campground we stopped for fuel at the gas station just outside the campground on the southwest corner of Glade Road and Kings Camp Road. I proceeded to the back left side to the gas pump. A late model white pickup truck entered the station on my right. My was still inside but had left her seat and gone back to the kitchen area. She saw the truck stop next to the door of the motorhome, the driver roll down his heavily tinted window and crane his neck to look inside. She moved to the door and locked it. The driver, upon seeing her, rolled up his window and drove away. I’m sure the man’s intention was to enter our motorhome and grab what he could (a laptop and camera were in plain view) while I was behind it and could not see him. We were lucky that My saw him and was able to lock the door. I gave a statement to a sheriff's deputy with the guy's description and license number.

Mckinney Site 58

24 January - 12 February - R. Shaefer Heard Campground Site 106. Except for the weekends when a lot of locals come, this campground is very quiet this time of year. It's near shopping (about three miles to a Dollar General and grocery store, 9 miles to WalMart) and there are other sights to see such as the dam and a nice visitor center. My only complaints are (1) the lack of leash law and poop pickup enforcement. Even the campground attendant patrols the campground with an unleashed German Shepard running alongside his golf cart and (2) fish guts are just thrown into the woods.

R. Shaefer Heard

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