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What's New

16 February 2018 - Moved the entire site from rootsweb (which seems to have gone belly up) to my personal domain. Many errors expected which I will work to correct as time permits.
22 May 2015 -
Changed Hornby Historian name and address
12 September 2014 - Added a link to a comprehensive article by
Mark Nenadov about Hornby native Dr. Martha Jane Gifford who served as a doctor/missionary in Burma.
3 January 2014 - Added Fish biography. This and the Boehm biography added 25 March are not Hornby related but are my family on my mother's side.
9 May 2012 - Added Hungerford genealogy which includes some Egberts.
1 May 2012 - Added a photo circa 1905 of five Rogers siblings, children of Peter and Eliza Jane (Perkins) Rogers. This photo was found by Lisa Sturdevant at a used book sale and by using the names on the back found me through this site, contacted me and sent it to me.
30 March 2012 -
Added a link to
David Lehman's site for cemetery burial lists complete with links to Find A Grave memorials with photos of the graves.
25 March 2011 - Added Boehm biography.
15 July 2010 - Updated McLaughlin genealogy.
15 November 2009 - Updated Stanton genealogies. Re-indexed site.
14 November 2009 -
Updated Coye family genealogy and family narrative to reflect new research done by Tom Euchner.
8 November 2009 - Updated Coye family genealogy and family narrative and added George Jacob Murphy family genealogy and photos. Re-indexed site.
18 October 2009 - Added Hazen family.
9 October 2009 - I have posted some photos from Kate Stromsted, direct descendant of several Hornby pioneers.
6 October 2009 - Added pages from the Duvall Family Bible sent to me by Roy Marriott, 3rd great-grandson of Albert and Martha (Dopp) Duvall. Re-indexed site.
2 October 2009 - Updated Duvall genealogy to reflect research done by direct descendant Roy Marriott, including information from a family Bible.
30 Sep 2009 - Updated Stevens genealogy based on research of Herm Stevens.
25 Sep 2009 -
Added Woodward family genealogy and pictures from Michael O'Brien. Updated McLaughlin genealogy.
29 Aug 2009 - Started a Blog. Please vsit.
22 July 2008 -
Updated Haradon Genealogy with information supplied by Ed Fields.
20 July 2008 -
Many of the backgrounds on various pages add a border such as the notebook design on this page. I have tried to enlarge those backgrounds so they don't show double on the page when viewed on some wider monitors. If you find one I missed let me know.
18 September 2007 -
A new page was created with photos of and recordings from an Edison phonograph owned by Lillian Adams and sent to me by Glenn Rhodes. Link to it from the History page.
5 September 2007 -
Added Crosson, Ely and Rowley.
1 September 2007 -
Added Blencowe.
4 October 2005 - All Genealogies have been updated but will not change again for at least six months. The search engine has also been reindexed to reflect all the changes.
Inquiries are still invited but responses may take a few days as I will not have daily internet access.
2 May 2004 - Updated Genealogies A - J.

16 November 2003 - Please note that my e-mail address has changed. Click on "E-mail Site Coordinator" for the new one.
26 October 2003- Updated Hugh Sample file to reflect marriage of Katie Lake to Bert Moody and to list their descendants. Added link to the Lake family from "Genealogies".
25 October 2003 - Added Moody family genealogy and photo.
25 October 2003 - Because of a computer problem I have lost all my 2003 e-mail. If you have corresponded with me in 2003 please recontact me.
8 August 2003 - Updated e-mail address of Frank Wells and Tom Welsh.
8 July 2003 - Added excerpt from Petrus Fero's Revolutionary War pension file.
8 June 2003 - Reindexed the search engine.
7 June 2003 - Updated the Daniel Nixon file.
2 April 2003 - Cindy Hawkins sent me photos of some descendants of Silas Call from which a new photo page was made.
1 April 2003 - Created a new page of photos of the Jimerson, Hendricks and Ballou families. The original photos belonging to Nellie Saccone were copied by Susan Moore.
29 March 2003 - Added Judy Keyes as an "Other Researcher".
20 February 2003 - Sent address verification e-mails to all on the "Other Researcher" list. Added Reuben Abbey file.
19 February 2003 - Added Rita Rhoads Maury as an "Other Researcher" and updated e-mail address of Frank L. Wells. Added Daniel Nixon file thanks in part to information supplied by Beverly (Stevens) Runyon.
11 January 2003 - Added  Kelly Hayes as an "Other Researcher".

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14 December 2002 - Updated e-mail address of Susan Moore.
1 October 2002 - The Enchanted Mountains Genealogical Society has changed its name to Painted Hills Genealogical Society so have changed name and links to reflect their new address.
21 September 2002 - Updated e-mail addresses of Ened Roughton and Sheila Reeder.
22 August 2002 - Updated e-mail addresses of Helen Bortz and Norm Bailey
18 July 2002 - Added additional photos submitted by Connie Paul and updated
her e-mail address.
15 July 2002 - Added link to Linda Sue Reasor's Website .
2 Jun 2002 - Updated the Benjamin Southard file which, thanks to Connie Putnam, now includes the descendants of Benjamin's daughter Sarah Jane Southard.
20 May 2002 - Added Waite family to genealogies
29 April 2002 - Added narrative concerning the 1905 Fannie Root Green/Rev.
 Wylie scandal .
28 April 2002 - Added Eunie Taggart as an "Other Researcher" .
27 April 2002 - Reindexed the search engine to reflect recent changes/additions.
26 April 2002 - Updated the Henry Divens file which now includes significant
research by Ruth Cody and myself on two of Henry's sons, Henry and Elliot, who married sisters Elvira and Almeda Messer. Added a new page for Divens family photos .
25 April 2002 - Updated the Hugh Sample file which now includes Isaac          Morehouse who married Hugh's daughter Mariah.
15 April 2002 - In an effort to cut down on e-mail address harvesting by           spammers, all @'s have been removed from the source code of the site and replaced by &#64.
14 April 2002 - Sadly, I removed Don Bedient's name from the list of  researchers as I have learned he died 29 January 2002 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer and emphysema.
9 April 2002 - Added Bill Blandin as an "Other Researcher" .
8 April 2002 - Added narrative "Slater Children Rescued Out West" to Slater     photos page.
4 April 2002 - Updated Naomi Kingsley e-mail address.
20 March 2002 - Added locations of Hornby Cemeteries to Genealogies page.
18 March 2002 - Added to the Genealogies page the links to twelve Hornby.
cemetery lists posted on the Enchanted Mountains Genealogy Society website.
17 March 2002 - Updated Photographs page to include Bixby photos and
uploaded the actual photos which I forgot to do 15 March.
16 March 2002 - Added What's New page and Copyright Notice page.
15 March 2002 - Added Bixby Photos , updated Hurley Photos .

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